Impulse Inspiration


I know that just about all starving artists are on a budget. When you’re an aspiring fashion designer, like me, or a freelance photographer, or a fashion journalist, it can be hard to find brand name items such as purses, shoes, or clothes without breaking the bank. Today I’m going to give you two tips to help you find designer duds that are budget friendly.

Number one: GO THRIFTING!!!! Thrift shopping has been come more popular in recent times. My mom first introduced me to thrifting a few years ago. I love it beacuse  you find top of the line designer clothes, shoes, bags etc. in great condition for next to nothing.


Number two: BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY IS YOUR FRIEND!!! I recently picked up a brand new bag from the designer who inspired me to want to be in the fashion industry: Betsey Johnson. Betsey bags are usually quite expensive, which is why I’ve waited so long to get one. This uber cool, super stylist tote was only $35!!!!